Christ is Risen . . . He is Risen Indeed

On the 8th of March, 2016, a new era of ministry was formed in the Presbytery of Carlisle.  Never before had three congregations banded together to form a Shared Ministry.

What is a Shared Ministry?  Typically, two congregations, unique and separate, join together to employ a Teaching Elder and share some resources while remaining a distinct entity.  Unlike a yoked congregation of one Session, one Board of Deacons, or one Board of Trustees, each congregation maintains its own leadership.

The Juniata Valley Shared Ministry joins congregations along the Juniata River in Perry and Juniata Counties of Pennsylvania to build upon our strengths, improve our outreach and mission, and spread Christ’s love to all those upon whom we come.

Initially, the JVSM is pastored by Rev. Nancy McClure.  She has been the part-time pastor of one of the congregations for over 20 years, and was bi-occupational.  She was until recently a special education teacher in the Greenwood School district.

Pastor Nancy can be reached by email at or

Phones: Highland United: (717) 567-9577; PC Perry Valley: (717) 589-3042; Westminster: (717) 436-2219

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