About Us

The Juniata River meanders through south central Pennsylvania and connects these three Presbyterian Churches in the Presbytery of Carlisle.  We share similar histories, have similar compositions, and care for our friends and members in similar fashions.  We are also unique in our sizes, our missions, and our outreach to Juniata and Perry Counties.

We have joined together to create a ministry spearheaded by our Pastor, the Reverend Nancy McClure, to strengthen our communities, and grow our spirits and our presence in this world.  We aim to shine the Light of Christ in everything we do, in everything we say, and in everything we are.

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Mifflintown PA sits half a block off the square. Centrally located, with rich history, the building provides regular Sunday services at 11 am.  Sunday School for all ages begins at 10 am.

The Presbyterian Church of the Perry Valley  We celebrate the heritage of the PCPV!  Perry Valley’s congregation selected a legacy path for their church in 2020.  By early 2022, most members had transferred to Highland United, and cherished items from the building, chief among them the oil lamp from the sanctuary, are now shared in HUPC and WPC.

Highland United Presbyterian Church is the merger of two older congregations.  In 1993, 1st United Newport, and Millerstown Church combined to form Highland United. Even older churches (Middle Ridge and New Bloomfield) helped form the 1st United Newport.  The Meeting Place of Highland United sits outside of Newport on Church Rd, just off of PA Route 34.  Christian Education for adults begins at 8:30 am, Sunday Worship at 9:30 am, and Sunday School for children begins immediately follow the Children’s Sermon during worship.

Here you will find a recent sermon – Zoomed for those unable to attend in person and recorded for those without internet access – from Highland United for the whole of the Juniata Valley Shared Ministry.

1HUPC/JVSM Worship 8/14/22