Our Children and Families respond – Staying Connected in a Disconnected World

From the beginning, masks and ear savers have been made and available to anyone wishing one. They are still being made and are still available at Highland United during regular office hours (Tue and Fri 8 am – Noon, Thurs 8 am – 2 pm). There are masks for adults and children. Thanks to all who have made this ministry possible!

The Churches of the Juniata Valley Shared Ministry have continued to engage our members, friends, families, and our children via activities and lessons posted on social media and emailed to them.  Below are some of the examples:

Send more photos to Pastor Nancy, or Bill McHenry – we’ll post them as we get them.  Are you doing cards for shut ins?  Are you making masks?  Are you doing the Sunday School coloring pages?  Are you making sidewalk (or drive way) chalk art of praise?  Let’s see it!

UPDATE:  More Cards

for Front Line workers, Yard Signs for Postal Workers and Garbage Collectors, Rainbows to remind us of Noah and God’s covenant… from Sunday School Facebook Lessons.


More Photos from our kids reaching out and sending positive messages of hope!

And we get thank you photos from those receiving your cards, letters, and pictures!  Jimmy and Jarl are both very appreciative of what the Barlup family has done.