Friends of The Presbyterian Church of Perry Valley

In many ways, we are mourning a passing.  The congregation of The Presbyterian Church of Perry Valley has been an active part of the Millerstown/Newport community for 130 years, first as Wright’s and the PCPV..  To now be faced with the closure of the church, the natural cycle of life for a congregation coming full circle has been difficult.  The pandemic has only served to accelerate the process.

Your brothers and sisters in The Presbytery of Carlisle grieve with you.  Your FAMILY at Westminster and Highland United are in pain with you.  But… we also celebrate the gifts PCPV has given to our communities, to The Juniata Valley Shared Ministry, and to the myriad of people who have called Perry Valley home for so long.

We stand by to welcome you to Highland United, and Westminster, as the equal brothers and sisters which are already are.  We pray you find comfort in the familiar feeling that our congregations bring to the experience of being Presbyterian in south central Pennsylvania.

The Final Service at The Presbyterian Church of Perry Valley will be December 27, 2020.

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